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As a seasoned Financial Services professional, consultant and agility coach, I’ve witnessed the impact of the Financial crisis and living in a VUCA world, at close range and across European borders. It is no surprise that Financial Services organizations responses and adoption capabilities to today’s requirements vary, driven by vision, culture & mindset. Through my work I’ve been part of various international & multicultural communities and I’ve experienced and observed meaningful differences around topics that matter most in today’s business world.
Since 2012, I’ve joined the Swiss society, by working at Swiss corporates & private banks and privately by integrating into the Swiss community. The Pandemic has made a firm footprint. Particularly digitalization and diversity & inclusion are highly impacted, and in opposite directions.

I've reflected on these experiences and impressions in life and career, as a human being, a female and as a corporate career coach. And I've accepted, changed and adopted to face both the individual and business challenges of today.
Even though across the board progress is made on many relevant topics, there is still a ways to go. Organizations are challenged to sense, respond and adapt.
As all is needed to renew, meeting today's unprecedented challenges.
Reflective organizations feel empowered to transform into truly inclusive workplaces, taking full advantage of the benefits of diverse teams operating at their best.
Organizations which offer a work place where employees' physical, mental, and emotional health needs are being met.
The organizations where professionals want to work.

Welcome to VUCA, The New Level Playing Field

For many Financial Services organizations that VUCA experience has been multiplied and challenged to transform and renew – to remain relevant in today’s world. Our challenges and opportunities are enormous.
That's why I'm partnering with companies, keen to move change forward better & faster and unlock and retain organizations' workforce and future pipeline's potential. As a seasoned traveler in this arena, I'm able to transfer my wisdom and profound change and line expertise into daily business benefits.
My coaching specialism focus is to infuse corporate career women and executives with self-awareness and confidence to use the power they already have.
Please feel free to further explore my professional background that lays the foundation for VUCCA by Yvonne Looije & business successes click here.

For Financial Services – Transformation Consulting

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Creating great work and delivering Better and faster

I’m a Enterprise Agility Coach and an accountable strategic business partner who fully vests in seeing projects from initiation to close. A change enabler with high people skills combined with the ability to work in the gray. Delivering effective outcomes whilst navigating tomorrow.

Implementation capability
Better and faster execution in any large-scale change effort.

Transfer of knowledge
Creating internal conscious execution power to drive and sustain transformational change at scale.

Transfer of wisdom
Upskilled employees applying techniques, methodology & proven strategies effectively and with confidence.

For Your Workforce – Coaching with Yvonne

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For Your Leaders

Executive CoachingBuilding a competitive edge

Investing in leadership development is more critical for financial services organizations today than ever before. Today's leaders are self-aware and reflective, they facilitate change and overcome resistance effectively, and take charge when trouble comes.
As a professional coach and certified agile (enterprise) coach, I can help managers and leaders think deeply through a range of complex issues.

Millennial managers
Unlocked potential how to be a leader today and mentor for the incoming generation. Achieving individual & company successes.

Experienced leaders
Mental, emotional, and interpersonal preparedness for uncertainty and risk. Listening to the wisdom of other, deeper parts of themselves.
Thinking - Creating - Doing.
With immediate impact.

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For Your Employees

Employees thriving in turbulent times

Demands on us are changing every day. Success comes to those who are not the strongest, but the most responsive to change. Committed employees make the difference and great employees are not replaceable.
As a learning organization, the development of the internal talent pool has become a top priority. So does having the employee's well-being at work at heart.

I help to foster flexible individuals, who are open to change and take on challenges. Professionals who actively ask for feedback, those who seek cooperation and leverage the skills of others.

Thriving as they are able to recognize better ways to get things done. Reflective and better prepared to succeed in today's world.

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Dedicated Services

Better individual and organizational performance

Project Managers
Senior executives need to make certain the critical projects the organization pursues actually pay off.
That's why skilled project managers are among businesses' most valuable resources.
As a seasoned PM, I've successfully managed 40+ mandates. This is why I believe in the value I can create for your project managers by working with me.

From a Woman to Women
Our industry is at a crossroads as one in four women are considering stepping out or stepping back from the workplace.
I have a strong inner pulse to unlock the potential in women at senior levels and career returners.
Men and Women are not the same – for women there are other, and on top things to conquer.
Making these women flourish is what I'm passionate about.
Bridging the gap between demand and supply.

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