Clever Habits & Routines

The Butterfly Effect

Greatness takes time, building an exceptional life takes time, and building exceptional habits that turn you into an exceptional person takes time. Yet by starting out small, it’s possible to take the first step to reaching our goals.

No matter how accomplished or happy you are in life, there are always areas that could use some improvement, e.g., socially, physically or in your occupation.
Where are you currently thriving and where could you use some work?
Do you feel energetic and full of vitality, but struggling to make real connections with people?
Are you on track to achieve financial freedom, but you’re stuck in a job that gives you no meaning?
What parts of your life have you ignored in order to focus your attention elsewhere?

Each of us prioritizes our needs differently, and our decisions are based on which needs we put first.

Evaluate your life

Maybe you’ve recognized a need you’ve had for some time, but have been ignoring it. Or maybe reading this made you think of a habit you need to stop. Motivation wanes and especially if your goal takes more than a few months, you would need more than that. It is also important to realize that foul habits produce damaging benefits, poor relationships and bear upon your life negatively. Building new habits takes time, but the rewards are so worthwhile.

Habit-building methods are great because they translate that short-term motivation into something more durable, making the habit stick. And if you invest in consistent routines you can stabilize that motivation into a permanently stable system, and with that make a permanent life-style change.

This is why I’ve developed a method, facilitating a reflective process, and a supporting framework which empowers you to create Clever Habits & Daily Routines – For Greater Well-Being!
My method also includes an effective way of dealing with how to stay consistent with your goals when building new habits, as here lies a real challenge! I can help you do that in a simple concrete way.
One habit at a time over time usually works most effective. Moreover as if you want to be successful in this process, tracking your progress is crucial. That is just one of the things you will learn and appreciate when working with me.

The former should be enough to get you started with whatever goal or habit you’d like to be more consistent with.


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