At a certain stage of life, many of us are establishing new careers, traveling around the globe, entering into new relationships, becoming involved in causes we believe in, and exploring things we’ve always wanted to do.
I’ve been one of them for quite a while.

Who am i?

Most of all I’m a woman with a compassionate soul and an entrepreneurial & curious spirit, who loves helping people to grow, and to fully become themselves. Life has made me the person I am today – letting my intuitive self be curious, daring, and even as bold as I want. The core values I live by are integrity, growth and freedom. I love to live life and I’m pleased with the way it feels, the way it looks and with the ingredients & priorities of my choice.

My heritage and DNA is Dutch. Peter is the wonderful guy I’m married to for over 20 years. Although we’ve lived for many years in Switzerland, I consider myself a citizen of the world. My career is all around the Financial Services industry. I’ve been working in this industry – in Banking & the Insurance sector – in a variety of managerial roles since 1989. In parallel I’ve developed myself with specialized training in coaching, transformation and project management. Please feel free to further explore my professional background via my LinkedIn profile – click here.

I still remember the moment I knew I was on to something, my true calling of being a coach… A while ago, one of my former colleagues from the Financial Services industry came over to dinner at our place. She brought her boyfriend, who I’d never met. When she stepped out for a moment, her boyfriend said this out of the blue:

“She shared some of your life experiences with me, you are such a strong woman. She admires you and you are a role model to her. She has a lot of questions, specifically around her career. Also because we will have our baby soon. You don’t need to tell me, I already know you can help her in finding her way.“

That gave me goosebumps and nearly brought me to tears – that’s when it really sunk in that this is what I wanted to do. Even though Coaching & Mentoring is my profession, I dedicate 10% of my time to start-ups and women on a pro-bono basis. 

Why I volunteer to coach pro bono is because I believe that my talents & experiences – both in Life and Work – can be meaningful to others too. It enhances my profession and more importantly answers a set of basic human needs.


My belief and promise

When it comes to Coaching, my foundational belief is that self-discovery, a life vision and clever habits & daily routines are powerful ingredients for a well lived life. No matter what a well lived life to each client looks like, I offer my support.
Whatever is on my client’s agenda, I engage with curiosity and an open heart.
I appreciate the fact that while my clients may share common challenges and triumphs, everyone is unique.
That’s why Coaching with Yvonne is individualized, and always will be.