Why Coaching with Yvonne?

I am Yvonne Looije PCC, founder of MaXXYou®. My work blends scientifically-rooted coaching methods & a result-oriented approach with intuitive, heartfelt guidance. It builds upon the robust foundation of my life experiences and Financial Services industry expertise of over 30 years. I know this industry by heart, and beyond, and understand corporate life.

I help professionals’ lives become better and richer and more positive

My foundational belief is that self-discovery, a life vision and clever habits & daily routines are powerful ingredients for a well-lived life. I also believe that when having a life vision, figuring out how to apply this vision to your own life – to the specifics and the circumstance of being you – can be challenging.

If your aim is to live that well-lived life I can help you discover what that looks like, and empower you to find your way in living that life, shaping it with clever habits & daily routines along the way. For your well-being!

In my practice as a ICF Certified Coach (ICF, PCC), I use a coaching model that provides a truly holistic approach to do just that, serving my client as a whole and not just one specific aspect or specific challenge my client may be facing. By building upon character strengths and values and by using techniques & practical ways that work. Having immediate impact in Life and at Work.
As a coach & mentor in the Financial Services industry I’ve put this multifaceted approach into action since 2010.

I can sincerely say that I open up my heart fully to all my clients. I see many ways of working with them. This is why each coaching relationship is personalized, based on individual goals and objectives. I appreciate the fact that while my clients may share common challenges and triumphs, everyone is unique.
That’s why Coaching with Yvonne is individualized, and always will be.

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Life and Leadership Coaching

With my coaching approach, life experiences and Financial Services industry expertise, I’m able to help you gain new perspectives, empowering you to create the vision of what a ‘well lived life’ looks like to you, and make that life yours.

I believe in my system of tips, tools, actionable strategies and techniques, for you to take action fast.

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Most of all I’m a woman with a compassionate soul and an entrepreneurial & curious spirit, who loves helping people to grow, and to fully become themselves. Life has made me the person I am today – letting my intuitive self be curious, daring, and even as bold as I want. The core values I live by are integrity, growth and freedom. I love to live life and I’m pleased with the way it feels, the way it looks and with the ingredients & priorities of my choice.

My heritage and DNA is Dutch. Peter is the wonderful guy I’m married to for over 20 years. Although we’ve lived for many years in Switzerland, I consider myself a citizen of the world. My career is all around the Financial Services industry. I’ve been working in this industry – in Banking & the Insurance sector – in a variety of managerial roles since 1989.

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Together… We embark on a journey of discovery…

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Coaching with Yvonne

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Since 2010, I offer Life and Leadership Coaching to professionals and executives. My work blends scientifically-rooted coaching methods & a result-oriented approach with intuitive, heartfelt guidance. It builds upon the robust foundation of my life experiences, Financial Services industry expertise and specialized education.


MaXXYou Signature Programs

LIVE and WORK at Your PEAK


For Millennials – Personal Mastery Gen Y

Turn vision and direction setting coupled with tuned Habits & Routines into Favorable Daily Benefits.

Be on Track


For Career Women – Optimize Your Return

Make the Best out of your Returnship, by self-discovery and incorporating Clever Habits & Daily Routines That Work.

Back with Mojo


For Project & Business Leaders – Coaching & Mentoring

Drive performance & successful project deliveries by bringing Favorable Strategies at Play.

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