Since 2010, I offer Life and Leadership Coaching to professionals and executives. I'm a Certified Holistic Life, Career and Executive Coach, and whilst being an PCC, I'm meeting the International Coaching Federation Credentials and Standards. I'm also a ICF Credentials and Standards Appeals Committee member and as such contribute to further professionalization of the Coaching profession. My work blends scientifically-rooted coaching methods with a result-oriented approach and intuitive, heartfelt guidance. It builds upon the robust foundation of my life experiences, Financial Services industry expertise and specialized education.

I see each client as a creative and unique individual. This is why each coaching session is personalized, based on individual goals and objectives. And I see many ways of working with my clients, bringing out the best in each client. With passion I will setup an individualized coaching plan that represents just that. Coaching with Yvonne is easily accessible and on demand, to fit your schedule - please feel invited to book a free discovery session to experience Coaching with Yvonne.


For Millennials

You care for your health, the welfare of your family, job prospects and long-term financial future. You also want to give room to your active social life and stay true to yourself. You want to live your life well and intend to set clear direction to make that happen.  


For Women Returners

As a returning career woman you want to make the best out of this returnship. The desire to return to work after an extended career break seems daunting, bringing out questions, feelings & emotions. You would like to explore and figure things out – there is so much to consider.


For Project Leaders

As a project leader your run business-critical project’s and you perform work that provides value daily. Your managerial effectiveness & coaching abilities are a pivotal part of your overall performance. You want to thrive, grow and perform to the highest standards today & tomorrow.


MaXXYou Bespoke

MaXXYou Bespoke I offer Life Coaching, Career Coaching & Mentoring and Small Business Coaching On Demand.


Thrive in Hard times

Difficult times in life require us to redefine objectives, to remodify them to fit our new situations. But all on the foundation of what betterment looks like to you. You want to overcome & build a framework that provides balance and focus.


For High Achievers

Right now, some of us are concerned about our career or have been thinking about making a career change. One that fits & ensures you to remain relevant in today’s business world. Do you Stay or Go? You want to position yourself in the best way to meet the opportunities & challenges ahead.